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Brenda Broster

Brenda’s deep love of nature prompted her to write “The Doughty Warriors” series. She hopes it will help children understand how important it is to preserve our planet, and to play their part in doing so.
Having spent happy childhood years in Malaysia, she returned to the country as an adult and was horrified. In the past twenty years, 80% of the South East Asian rain forest has been decimated. Instead we now have palm oil plantations extending for hundreds of miles and uncontrolled logging.
Brenda has always been captivated by the power of description in the writing of others. From the earliest age she loved nature. As a child, she spent many happy hours in the African bush and in the Malaysian forests with binoculars seeking out and observing the wild life.

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Its out forest too!

Six young friends tackle the evil palm oil baron who is burning down the forest to plant palm oil. With help from their parents, villagers, indigenous people and the creatures of the forest, they save the precious forest, and the Prime Minister places a preservation order on it.
A first class story, it has all the elements children love: adventure, slapstick humour. camaraderie and, finally, sweet victory. A David and Goliath theme, it has strong ecological message, encouraging children to save and preserve the rainforests. “A book to curl up with.”


Save the Bears

The Doughty Warriors discover that all the bear cubs are disappearing from the forest. With lots of adventure on the way, they trace the bear cubs to a ‘bear bile farm’. They are so shocked at what they find that they agree to rescue all the bears from the farm. But, of course, they have to incorporate the efforts of their forest friends to do so.


All At Sea

Another Doughty Warriors' daring adventure. Joseph, Ibrahim, Vinod, Xin-Hui, Faradilla and Toby discover that local fishermen are killing the dolphins. Why?

What is happening? Their curiosity leads them to a terrible discovery. They have to put matters right.


"A gripping tale of conservation, 21-st century-wise. Read it with your family and then do your best to save our forests."

David J Bellamy, OBE
Botanist, broadcaster, author
& environmental campaigner.

HE Richard O'Brien
Irish Ambassador to Singapore 2006 - 2010

"A beautifully written work of real intellectual achievement and indeed a work of much more than ordinary novel enjoyment. The adventures of the doughty warriors - Joseph - Vinod - Xin Hui - Ibrahim - little Faradilla with Katak - and the late comer Toby Profundo - is a tale of critical importance to all of us who take seriously our presence in this remarkable place we call planet earth. For their story is our own drama as we - all of us who share and value the joys and challenges of both human and environment solidarity - take responsibility for this place in the galaxy we call our home."