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“Racing with urgency to save the bears Brenda Broster’s new ‘Doughty Warriors’ story will capture the hearts and imagination of adults and children alike.
Grippingly and comically bringing the forest alive with the individual characters and emotions of the animals it holds, Broster compels the reader to help them all, long after the last page has been turned.
Bear farming is a hideous and unnecessary practice and Broster’s story has helped us to move one significant step closer in ending it once and for all.
I urge everyone to read this book, and understand the power within us all to breathe new life and hope into this precious, fragile world.”

Jill Robinson, MBE
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia

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"A beautifully written work of real intellectual achievement and indeed a work of much more than ordinary novel enjoyment. The adventures of the doughty warriors - Joseph - Vinod - Xin Hui - Ibrahim - little Faradilla with Katak - and the late comer Toby Profundo - is a tale of critical importance to all of us who take seriously our presence in this remarkable place we call planet earth. For their story is our own drama as we - all of us who share and value the joys and challenges of both human and envrionment solidarity - take responsibility for this place in the galaxy we call our home."

HE Richard O'Brien
Irish ambassador to Singapore 2006 - 2010


“A gripping tale of conservation, 21st century-wise. Read it with your family and then do your best to save our forests.”

David J Bellamy, OBE
Botanist, author, broadcaster & environmental campaigner

Extensive vocabulary
The content contains lots of information that kept me going "WOW", especially the extensive collection of vocabulary that you have used and the wingspan of knowledge that you have on the different cultures and forest animals too.

Susienna (aged 16)

Great story!
It’s a great story! I could not put it down because, all the time, you want to find out what happens next. Anyone who likes animals and nature will love this book.

Phoebe (aged 13)

You are my inspiration
Do you remember Jeremiah Chong at the book signing? Did you know that he is my classmate? He says the book was very good. I totally agree with him! You are my insperation Brenda.


Hope my brother reads it
Thank you for the book. I hope my brother (Rohith) reads it when he grows up.


Read it twice
We bought your book from the garden fair. Grace enjoyed the book and has read it twice. She likes the part where everyone including the animal, children and parent is united to fight against the oil company. Grace wanted to say thanks and is excited to learn more about your next book.


Liked them because they seem so smart!
It's a great story!!  I could, like, never, ever put it down because I loved it so much and I wanted to know what happened in the end!! My favorite characters are Joseph and Ibrahim. I liked them because they seem so smart!!

Prithvi (aged 10)

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Rating: 4 Star Review

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